Fly-fishing in the Wilderness Rivers of Northern Kamchatka
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Comfortable tent camp for six fishers located in the junction of Shishey and Elovka rivers. The unique location of the camp in this wild location, as well as the well arranged logistics, allows us to offer You one great fishing experience without the helicopter transportation to the very spot of fishing. All of these things contribute to the minimum price of this tour and completely disable the possibility that You could be late for Your flight home, as it often occurs under unpredictable Kamchatkan weather. The uniqueness of these fishing locations lies in its remoteness and inaccessibility for the poachers, unlike other rivers of Kamchatka. You are presented with an opportunity to fish in the four rivers at once – Kunkhilok, Shishey, Elovka and Kinenin. The first two rivers give You the unique possibility to catch wild Kamchatka rainbow trout - mikizha just there – in a small channels of these rivers’ delta. These fish are the most desired trophies and its fishing with an artificial mouse is no less formidable as with a dry fly. Besides, these rivers hide endemic species of a brook trout. The quantity and the size of grayling could only possibly be matched by Polar or by-polar Urals. Sea-run Dolly Varden reaches its maximum size here and the 2kg catch is nothing, but average here. We don’t even mention the migrating Pacific salmon – chum, coho and sockeye during their spawn are caught in abundance.

You can fish both from the bank so in the stream. You can also change locations by the jet-boats. There will always be an armed guide by Your side, as You could encounter a bear on literary every step of Your trip to Kamchatka. Fishing for mikizha goes under the principle of C&R strictly. Other fish could be brought to our chef for an outstanding supper in the camp.

For those of You, who are hunters, there is a possibility to arrange a bear-hunt or a game-hunt (according to pre-contract agreement and according to the terms of hunting season).

In order to visit these unique (even for Kamchatka) locations You will endorse on a trip from the South to the North of the peninsular.

During the trip, You will be able to experience the whole beauty of the Kamchatkan nature, visit the thermal springs and eyewitness the magnificent volcanoes of Kamchatka.

Standard program of the tour

Day 1. Arriving at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Load-up on a comfortable off-roader or a minivan (depends on each group). Drive to the Esso village (500km). The journey takes around 7hrs. Accommodation in the hotel, visit to the museum and a bath in thermal springs.

Day 2. Drive to Elovka river (250km), load-up on the jet-boats that will take You up the stream to the camp. Fishing is actually possible in the most perspective spots on the river, during the journey. Night-fishing by the camp.

Day 3 – 8. Six days of fishing. You can fish both from the bank and whilst wading. Transportation upon the jet-boats. There will always be an armed guide by Your side (one guide per two fishermen).

Day 9. Journey to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and accommodation in a hotel. You could accommodate Yourselves in the camping besides the thermal springs (close to town) upon Your request.

Day 10. Journey from the hotel to the air-port. Flight to the continent.

Price and terms of payment: price of a standard program for season 2010 - 3000 EUR (4200$) per person. Trip is considered to be reserved when deposit of 50% of trip cost is received. The rest of an amount should be paid prior 60 days before departure. In case of a trip cancellation deposit is not refundable.

The price includes: all the transfers on the peninsular, which are included within the tour; accommodation in the camp and in the hotels (double room); 3 meals a day in the camp (fishing lunch on a river) and breakfast in the hotels; refreshments; a guide on a jet-boat (one guide per two persons).

Not included: alcoholic beverages, delivered to the camp on request; personal expenses on the peninsular; dinner in the hotels; tips for the guides and the personnel of the camp; price on the fishing gear, available in the camp; satellite communication.

Camp Gear: we provide our clients with the man-tall comfortable heated tents, with beds and wooden floors. There is a table, a washstand, a closet and hangers. Separately, there is a hot-water shower, toilet facilities and the drying-room. The large tent is the dining room, where visitors may share their experiences after the supper and some of You – can tie flies. The camp is powered by a generator and has a satellite connection.


All four rivers, that You are lucky to visit, are completely different. Elovka is the biggest one, broading more than 200m in some spots. It is scarcely transparent, except for mid-Autumn, when the first night-frost strikes and makes the water crystal-clear. Fishing on Elovka is concentrated on the spots of mass salmon migration. The guides are perfectly familiar with the spots and can always give You a hint, as of where the fish stays.

Kinenin is almost somewhat of a mountain river, no broader than 30m. You have to hunt for the fish on this river, as the quite pools with calm water are rare to find. Yet the bounty lies in the most unpredictable places of this stream. This is a real fish-hunter river.

Kunkhilok is a river that combines rapids, pits and pools. It‘s rarely broader than 20m. This river is a fine bank-stroll and a look-for the possible pools of trophy-sized mikizha.

Shishey is a marvelous river with a very distinct character. It sometimes is a mighty 40m flow, and sometimes, it breakes into numerous creeks resembling small springs. Upper reaches of this river flow through a picturesque rocky canyon with deep pits under the hanging rocks. Down the flow, You will see some centuries-old rock-falls and experience a fine opportunity to catch some large mikizha in the mouth of the river, in its narrow creeks, often no more than a couple of meters wide. Shishey is truly a paradise for a fly-fisher of any class.

You could need the following for Your fishing

1. Clothes and personal belongings: waders; waterproof wading jacket; waterproof trousers; two sets of warm clothes – socks, warm underwear, and Polartec type jacket and trousers; an additional Windstopper coat would be favorable; staff; cap/beanie; polarizing glasses; hygiene belongings; if You take the camera, please, be sure to have waterproof case or bag; personal medicine.
Medical insurance is necessary, including evacuation expenses!

2. Fishing gear: You could use various rods (class 5-7). We recommend class 6, no longer than 2,7m/9ft with an appropriate reel. In most cases, the floating fishing-line is sufficient. Some spots require a fast sinking leader either a sink tip line. Exceptional cases require a full fast sinking line. Fishing requires leaders with 0Х- 02Х tippets and no longer than 2,7m/9ft. BASS-type leaders are perfect for fishing with a mouse. Thimbles or stripping gloves are welcomed.

Flies: mouse patterns on a hook size 2-4; purple, pink or violet woolly buggers with a bright (pink or orange) coloring on a hook size 2-4; various modifications’ intruders; various dry-flies for grayling fishing.

All hooks must be debarbed!